The power plant has a capacity of 1000 kW, which runs on hydrogen.

The system is equipped with hydrogen cells for its own hydrogen production. The hydrogen produced is stored in a tank and then used to drive a 1200 KW permanent magnet generator.

200 kW of the electricity is directed to the hydrogen production system.

Power plant with hydrogen

For 1 MW, monthly electricity production is 360 MW.

Consumption of DISTILLED water per year 300 m3.

The power plant is available in three versions with a power of 1000 -2000 and 5000 KW.

Full warranty 3 years.

Oxygen obtained from the decomposition of water also participates in the process of driving the generator. As a result, the water condenses and is reused in a continuous cycle. Each power plant is equipped with a water tank that provides the entire amount of water necessary for the operation of the power plant. Low operating costs. An innovative membraneless hydrogen cell that has low electricity consumption for hydrogen production. The plant is equipped with all systems for direct connection to the national grid. Remote monitoring of power plant frequency, voltage and power. You can turn it on and off from your phone. The power plant runs on hydrogen only. No aid gases or additional energy from renewable sources. There are no carbon emissions in the production of hydrogen. The generator is driven by a pistonless combustion hydrogen engine. The power plant works 12 hours connected to the national grid and 12 hours in its own hydrogen production mode. It turns on at 6 AM and automatically disconnects from the grid at 6 PM. The power plant can work as a battery (compensating power. It can use electricity from the national grid at night to produce hydrogen and gives it out at peak times during the day.